LXCF - LXC Facility

LXCF (LXC Facility) generates a full OS environment to the LXC container by using information on host OS.
  • LXCF is a virtual machine environment like VM.
  • There is very no overhead compared with a real machine. It is 0. (Therefore, operate energetically without looking sluggish like VM. )
  • It is OK in two or more simulataneous because there is no overhead even in case of the start-up. (It is cool also in PC even if it starts at the same time by about ten containers. )
  • CPU utilization and the memory allocation of the container environment are strictly specifiable. Moreover, it is possible to change at once dynamically.
Please use LXCF by all means if you felt satisfactory in past VM.
LXCF operates by Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10, Fedora19, Fedora20, RHEL7, and CentOS7.
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- Virtual environment like VM. The console screen is opened with virt- manager.
- 15 LXCF containers are generated in the lump. The startup of a lot of LXCF containers can be done at the same time.

LXCF Guide

This LXCF Guide explains how to install and operate the LXCF. After that, this document describes more detail information about LXCF (concept, models, etc)


Example of LXCF system construction (Works-in-Progress)

Relation to docker

Difference with Docker

Conversion from LXCF container to Docker container